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o ensure an enjoyable day, it is important to understand the most effective way to catch the Maumee River walleye. Before entering the water your guide will consult you on the proper weight needed to get your offering on the bottom where the fish are staged.

If a floating jig setup is used, we typically try to place the egg sinker and swivel or splitshot about 18 inches above the jighead and grub. This has become a popular preferred method of catching these fish. The old standby of a 1/4 - 1/2 ounce leadhead jig will also work. Again, you will be advised with either choice at Maumee River Outfitters.

Entering and exiting the water is the most dangerous time for an angler. Care must be taken when wading out to your fishing hole and wading back to the shore.

Cast and Retrieve

Once you have secured your fishing location, the recommended cast is about an 11:00 landing into the water. Engage your reel immediately and feel the tick of your offering along the rock bottom. Let the current take your offering down to approximately 2:00 and begin to get out of the way of there are other anglers downstream of you. The bite is a classic subtle walleye pull or inhalitation where the hook should be set hard into a walleye's bony mouth. Contact us and we would be happy to discuss more technique with you.

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