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The spring walleye run centers around two adjacent suburbs of Toledo, Ohio - Maumee and Perrysburg. Walleye will typically enter the Maumee River as the weather begins to warm in March. The majority of these fish come from Lake Erie, while other fish come from the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair. There is a pre and post spawn stage for our fish located in Maumee Bay. Walleye are triggered while in the bay by warm water flows from the Maumee River and begin their trek up the river to spawn. These are the fish that we will be targeting.

Maumee River Outfitters guides will provide everything to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Our combined 60 years of local fishing expertise will bring techniques and tricks to help you get up to speed fast. We cater to the person not familiar with the area, fishing technique, and gear needed to be successful. If you have tried the Maumee before and need a day of helpful pointers, locations, and techniques, we can help. We also welcome corporate or large parties.

Before the trip, time will be spent planning out the upcoming day. Gear, strategy, meeting points, and fishing regulations will be discussed. Maumee River Outfitters guides can meet you at your lodging location and lead to the fishing grounds. Depending on time of the year, water flow level and angler ability/mobility, our fishing locations will be different. Fishing starts at the official sunup time. Ideally, we will be entering the water before daybreak, waiting for sunup. Let the fishing begin!

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