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An angler fishing Maumee River must wade into the water from the shoreline. Recommended are neoprene chest waders for the warmth they provide, although any chest waders that keep you dry should work with the correct insulation. Maumee River Outfitters will rent waders at $8 per day/person.

Rod and Reel

The rod and reel combo - in addition to the jig and presentation - are some of the most important items to ensure success. Recommended is a 6'0" to 6'6" graphite rod for increased sensitivity. It should be medium action with a fast taper and strong backbone. Also recommended is a tough medium size spinning reel with anti-reverse lock. Rod and reel combos are available to rent at $8 per day/person or $4 for a rod only or $4 for a reel only.

Tackle (jigs & tails)

Make it easy on yourself and make one less stop by letting Maumee River Outfitters provide the tackle. All tackle can be supplied for your expedition at $5 over our actual cost per person/day.


Bring your own. A variety of split shot or egg sinkers, barrell swivels (for floating jigs), floating jigs in colors white, chartreuce, pink, and smoke. These can be found at Netcraft (item 315-302) or any local fishing shop. Painted or unpainted lead head jigs in sizes 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 ounce.

Three inch soft plastic swirl tails in just about any color. Our experience has shown that white, chartruce, pink, and smoke tend to be very good colors.


  • Net
    Maumee River Outfitters also recommends bringing a landing net with a short handle, larger than a trout net but smaller than your typical boat net.

  • Stringer
    A metal snap stringer will keep your fish alive longer, an therefore fresher for the dinner table. It will be strapped to a loop on your waders.

  • Tackle Box
    A very small folding tackle box, no bigger than 7 to 8 inches long to fit in your chest wader pocket,


    Fingerless Gloves

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