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First, Maumee River Outfitters will consult with you before the trip. It is important to note some of the specialized equipment that Maumee River Outfitters will advise to ensure success on your upcoming adventure. Also discussed will be Ohio Department of Natural Resources regulations for the Maumee River.

If you are staying at a local hotel, our guides can meet you at the agreed upon time and lead you down to the fishing grounds.

For your convenience, our guides can provide rental waders ($8/day), custom crafted IM6 graphite rod and matching reel ($8/day), tackle such as jigs and lead ($5 above our actual cost/per day), lunch ($8/day), and fish filleting ($1 per fish). Simply let us know what you would need or don't need.

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Bring your own lunch


$8 per person will buy you this fresh and tasty lunch:

  • one large double decker Turkey or Ham sandwich with Bacon.
  • (includes mayonaise or mustard with lettuce and tomato and onion)
  • one large bag of chips
  • one piece of fruit
  • one granola bar
  • two cans of pop
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Maumee River Outfitters also has fish filleting available for your convenience. After your successful trip with limits of legal walleye (four before May 1, six May 1 and after), customers can choose to get their fish filleted by us. Years of experience will yield the thickest fillets possible for you. The cost is $1 per fish. While you are taking your waders off and preparing for the ride home, Maumee River Outfitters will already have your fish filleted. This can be a real time saver for your group.

A free service to all clients are pictures of your trip housed on a web site. We will take digital pictures of the day and post them for you. Now your friends will believe you!

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